Live in Liège

The most Latin of the northern cities. Easy to access thanks to its TGV station, Liège is a “city where anything is possible”. Close to other large cities such as Aachen, Maastricht, Lille and Brussels, Liège offers a warm welcome, a rich cultural and sports offer, great nightlife, excellent gastronomy, the emergence of creativity and talent, and an open-mindedness.

Bienvenue à Liège
  • 欢迎烈日
  • Benvenuti a Liegi
  • Welkom in Luik
مرحبا بكم في لييج
  • Welcome to Liège
  • Willkommen in Lüttich

A city in the heart of Europe

Within 400km, there are no fewer than 100 million people (locals, tourists, investors, students or researchers) able to get to Liège in just a few hours using the various modes of transport available

A smart city

A smart city is one that shapes its future collectively with all its citizens. That is why Liège aims to be a city connected to its inhabitants, its companies and its ideas.

The culture of Liège

There is always something to see or do! There is great proximity, in terms of interests and geography, between cultural institutions and a dense network of players helping to enrich this offer.

A city with an age-old heritage

Liège is rich with wonders from its age-old heritage, which covers its transformation from a principality to a city.

Liège was also at the centre of the two world wars of the 20th century. Many sites and monuments bear witness to these historic conflicts.

A gourmet city

The whiff of a Liège waffle on a street corner, steins on terraces, a plate of Liège meatballs… There is no doubt that this is Liège gastronomy. Amazing gastronomy! Cuisine brimming with rich flavours. We offer the most starred gastronomy!

Sports and leisure in Liège

Liège currently hosts international sporting competitions for athletes and amateurs alike: International athletics meetings, Tour de France, competitions in the Seraing Olympic pool, ice skating in Liège, etc