Smart City

A smart city

Today, it is estimated that one in two people live in an urban area and by 2050 this will be 2 in 3 people, not to mention that there are going to be many more of us. Therefore, the challenge is to make Liège a smart city. How? In fact, this plan is already under way and Liège hasn’t shied away from this thanks to many projects developed on different themes.

Liège, a smart city

Aware of the challenges facing tomorrow’s city, Liège is aiming to become a “smart city”, a clever city which turns constraints into opportunities thanks to technology and the ingeniousness of its citizens to become a connected, sustainable, inspiring and collaborative space.

This “smart city” strategy is based on 4 areas:

  1. A connected and digital city: E-desk, urban Wi-Fi, etc.
  2. A sustainable city undergoing an energy transformation: renovation of the administrative city of Liège, integration of the tram into the Liège road network.
  3. An enterprising, innovative and creative city: creative hub, seminars, conferences, support programmes and training.
  4. A collaborative city: regional marketing, collaborative ideas platform, etc.