Invest in Liège

With a rich industrial past, Liège has enjoyed a positive economic regeneration over the last fifteen years. The aim: to stimulate innovation and the export of know-how!

Today, it is a sustainable, creative, connected and growing city. Liège encourages creativity and the skills of young people, researchers and companies. Helped by cutting-edge logistical infrastructure: an airport, a trilogiport and an exceptional road network, trendy developing areas and office infrastructure.

Many “success stories” and ambitious strategies have taken shape in Liège and are internationally recognised today (biotechnology, space, audiovisual, metal processing, etc.).

Creative economy (incubators, investors, start-ups, etc.) cohabit with these cutting-edge companies. Liège will be the next “unicorn”.

The figures speak for themselves: Today, Liège accounts for 20% of the regional GDP and 40% of the activity of the Walloon competitiveness centres.

Technicial know-how
  • A rail network
8th largest freight airport
A logistic crossroads
3rd largest European river port
6 international motorways
  • A TGV station

The key stakeholders

Les entreprises soutiennent LiègeTogether

Le mois de janvier, c’est l’occasion de présenter ses voeux mais aussi pour nous de témoigner notre gratitude envers les entreprises qui soutiennent LiègeTogether et la métropole liégeoise.

Nous les remercions chaleureusement et nous avons voulu leur donner la parole… car ce sont elles qui répondent le mieux à “Pourquoi soutenez-vous LiègeTogether?”