A city with an age-old heritage

Heritage in Liège

The heritage of Liège reflects its past as capital of the Principality of Liège (980-1795). Significant heritage remains with the exception of Saint Lambert cathedral (which was destroyed, a world first).

Stones full of history, yes, but sublimated by the addition of innovative and modern materials to create the new face of Liège. Glass structures added to symbolic buildings, monasteries reassigned, a former bus station transformed into an area for citizens, châteaux reallocated to economic activities, etc. They all bear witness to the transformation from a principality to a city.

Interactive crests (QR codes) placed on listed buildings, themed routes using digital apps and, of course, many dedicated publications offer access to this heritage.

Heritage of memory

Heritage of memory

A real theatre for the First World War from 4 August 1914, the heroic resistance of Liège was the first foreign city to receive the title Legion of Honour.  For the Second World War, we re-armed eight former forts and constructed three new ones in addition to that of Eben-Emael. It is clear that Liège is an area brimming with history! Retrace this history thanks to many commemorative forts and monuments using app guides intended to bring this history to life.