In the heart of Europe

An accessible city

Within 400km, there are no fewer than 100 million people ready to get involved in the renewal of the Liège spirit.

A real logistical and strategic crossroads, Liège is a centre for new trends and ideas.

Its exceptional location means Liège is just a stone’s throw away from other large foreign cities: Paris, Cologne, Aachen, Maastricht, etc. The starting point (12 international airports within 2 hours) or ideal leg of a European getaway

Travelling around Liège

With its impressive glass and steel dome measuring 200m in length, the Guillemins TGV station is without a doubt the most majestic entrance to the city. In the blink of an eye, the station shows you the new face and the winds of change blowing through Liège.

The future tram will extend the public transport offering in 2021. This will be 11km long, and will connect Sclessin to Coronmeuse.

The Meuse has a key role to play in the city, both literally and figuratively. The river is a source of economic activities (with the port and the trilogiport) but is also used for public transport through river shuttles (at certain times of the year). What could be more pleasant than crossing the city centre on water, or travelling along the RAVel pedestrian and cycle lane or the docks recently redeveloped for low-income users.